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Vescrutia Is an anime/Manga related Roleplaying Website Founded Nearly 6 years ago. Make a Character and start from the bottom an work your way through the ranks of the one of three villages with different and distinct characteristics. But beware of the danger that lurks all around Vescrutia.
The Insanity has been defeated, and with it goes the Vertias. Realizing the only real way to get rid of the Insanity was to get rid of everything it's influence touched, Shinta Mass absorbed anything linked with the Insanity, Including the Vertias and Khrona himself.
After Leaving doing the Job he wanted to get done, it set off a self destruct mechanism left by Khrona as a final attempt to kill everyone.
This brought on the return of Maze and Rozalyn, accompanied by Hakku, who quickly got the situation under control and saved the villagers from a quick death.
With grief and anger in their hearts the villagers looked for guidance, some became drifters or moved onto other villages but for those who emained lost Maze offered a solution. He would build a university to help get these people back on their feet and run it. That is when the Morai University was built, and sat on the rubble of the once proud nation of vertias.
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